You Are Invited To Jesus' True Original Gospel Church

Jesus Gospel Church pursues Jesus Christ, does all Jesus Christ did except claiming to be Him, and hears from the Father in heaven to do greater works. We believe and preach the Gospel obeying what it says, leading to heaven on earth. We practice the original church which Jesus practiced with His disciples before Paul appeared.

A few of the things Jesus did that we must do:

  • Jesus spoke the Gospel.
  • Jesus performed good miracles to support the Gospel.
  • Jesus loved the Father God, with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  • Jesus with God's love, loved his neighbors as himself.
  • Jesus spoke all the Father told him to speak.
  • Jesus prayed always.
  • Jesus multiplied the Father's resources instead of dividing a limited supply.
  • Jesus always spoke truth and never lied.
  • Jesus graduated students as life giving apostles, not law keeping elders or pastors.
  • Jesus loved God the Father directly as a God ordained man on the earth, submitting to no intermediary.
  • We do not practice the words of Paul which disobey Jesus in positions and money leading to the Rev. 17:5 prostituted denominations (false churches) God commands people to come out of in Rev. 18:4. We live the Gospel, praying and teaching Jesus only to build Jesus' son the new man, fulfilling the best prophecies in Revelation.

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